SD 21

Open air restaurant
Impede to taste the moment. Bite into many flavours, discover the juicy burst of spice, soak yourself into the delightful aroma and indulge like there is no tomorrow. From the by lanes of India to the exotic taste of Chinese and Continental cuisines, go anywhere and everywhere your plate takes you. Serving the culinary masterpieces from India, China and Europe dining in here is an experience in itself. Sit under the twinkling stars and befriend each one of them, take a look at glimmering city from the top or enjoy some cozy moments with your loved one’s a little away from the crowd. Set on a gourmet trail and discover a fine dining experience in amidst a environ so close to your heart.

SD Coffee Shop

24 hours café
Your craving knows no time, so why should your options? Open 24/7 at your service, the café offers you a vibrant atmosphere and a well spaced sitting arrangement. The round the clock coffee shop offers a plethora of options to select from. Enjoy a full meal or a light snack anytime, day or night. Delectable dishes on the menu coupled with warm hospitality, a fantastic time with your friends and family is guaranteed.